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Friday, August 27, 2010

reflection of a nation

psychologists say
that which we find odious
in others
is that which we loathe most
in ourselves
we are a nation
that fears fascism
decries racial apartheid
and caste systems
fiercely combats
childhood starvation
medical deprivation
pandemic devastation
of AIDS, money-driven bloodshed,
moral superiority
and religious fanaticism
on foreign soil

what do we see in the mirror?


  1. Depthful poem asking good questions. I like your writing. I found your blog through Poets United!

  2. THIS is simply FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! It could not be better said. Well done! I wish world leaders could read it!

  3. That's just perfectly put! "What do we see in the mirror?" is a question we all need to ask ourselves. Great poem!

    Robert has placed me into a group with you on Poets United. I have signed up to follow and will be back to visit soon...:)


  4. smart question,
    perfectly delivered work.