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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prompt #2 - Inspiration: "Street Music" 

Inorganic orchestrations
muffled by 8 panes of glass
incessant distractions of 
gear-shifting, radio tuning, texting-while-not-driving and whirring white noise of one's ever churning mind

And yet in infrequent moments of inattention
all falls still 
allowing aural imagery
to penetrate metallic chrysallis

Uninvited, street music 
insinuates itself first in primal basslines
oozing up through rusting floorboards and worn rubber mats
rhythms pounding heels fallen arches and big toes
horns blare in midday reveille
breaking voices of graceless children longingly stretch past their years 
with too-loud curses, like a toddler clunking along in mama's high heels

In personal silence
worlds pass 
heads nod 
as the beat goes on

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Granted, Taken, Bestowed

Dinner seasoned in advance
Marinated in juices salt and rubbed with love
Without a bite, food doused to camoflage
Time and effort for granted taken

Extreme energy to reflect and refocus
Vaccuum laundry trap intruders
Dishes bandages hair nails homework
Time and tides honored and gifted

Sweet gentleness beseeches active listeners
Trailblazing freshness in space of exhaustion
Freedom blessings and duty's curse

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day Seven - A Nomad's Life

The nomad's life is filled with newness.
Each new place brings a new reality.
New realities bring fresh perspective.
Fresh perspective engenders an altered consciousness.
In turn, new understandings emerge.
Each new person presents an infinite mystery.
How then, could the nomadic life ever get old?

Day Six - Valediction

Fare thee well, my sweet
I'll await no reply

As countless joyful memories
Recede in rearview of mind's eye

Intersecting paths for divergent feet
Gift of brief union a most natural high

Gentle kiss on glisten-y cheek
Until next time, my friend...goodbye

Day Five - Cinquain

who knew?
how stupid phones
could make or break friendship:
o'er family plan rejected
or shared

Day Four - Jaundiced Outlook

Stumbling through life wearing
Lemon-colored glasses
Makes everything seem

One person's untrusting
Another's unwilling to compromise

And one person's outlook
Has suddenly become
Another's reality
Watch out...jaundice is contagious

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day Three - Sea Shanty

Oh the motion of the ocean puts you right to sleep
Sailors rock the middle in between the sheets

Aye the crew of two ne’er worked so hard
Standing at attention under skies bright-starred

On a bed so big it should be called your ship
Cap’n barking orders and cracking the whip

No landlubbers in this nautical tale
Jump aboard matey cause the ship’s setting sail

Oh the motion of the ocean puts you right to sleep
Sailors rock the middle in between the sheets