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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunrise Sustenance

Woke up sniffing lines for breakfast
Punctuation peppered
Sipping sugared simile
Heady high notes
Words bleed through nasal membranes
Straight to bloodstream
No chaser

(c) Journey by Fire 2015


Balanced on slippery porcelain ledge
She takes in the image

Almond eyes like her mama
and mama's mama before
Each scar a separate saga
She inventories her life
in a single glance

Reluctant to confront
the judgement of decades
Reluctant to confront
truth in the looking glass

(c) Journey by Fire 2013

Cosmic Cycles

cosmic cycles
human fallibility
like deeply scratched vinyl
or a dj's favorite sample

looped from one generation
to the next
between the years
a lost respect
3rd age turned youth
harsh lessons learned forgotten
and re-learned

cosmic cycles
circle back again
ageless wisdom
falls prey to primacy of the now

universal outlet
in bruised fruit
flowers of pain
deathly waters
borderline of beauty
frontier between breath and beyond

cosmic cycles
fuel a distant forever

(c) Journey by Fire 2013

I am...**

I am
   unchained optimistic
I wonder
   which questions fit the answers given
I hear
   merfolks beckon with sweet siren song
I see
   footprints of possibility
I want
   promise upheld

I am
   unchained optimistic
I pretend
   their thoughts matter more than my own
I feel
   blessed and strive to bless others
I touch
   divinity like water in cupped fingers
I worry
   that my worries will insult Creation
I cry
   unbidden fear for our children and theirs

I am
   unchained optimistic
I understand
   nothing but seek overstanding
I say
   words have power beyond comprehension
I dream
   technicolor utopia
I try
   living wisdom to make my mothers proud
I hope
   for justice, connection, beauty, legacy

I am
   unchained optimistic

**in response to DC Poetry Project - Half-and-Half writer's workshop prompt**

(c) Journey by Fire 2013

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prompt #2 - Inspiration: "Street Music" 

Inorganic orchestrations
muffled by 8 panes of glass
incessant distractions of 
gear-shifting, radio tuning, texting-while-not-driving and whirring white noise of one's ever churning mind

And yet in infrequent moments of inattention
all falls still 
allowing aural imagery
to penetrate metallic chrysallis

Uninvited, street music 
insinuates itself first in primal basslines
oozing up through rusting floorboards and worn rubber mats
rhythms pounding heels fallen arches and big toes
horns blare in midday reveille
breaking voices of graceless children longingly stretch past their years 
with too-loud curses, like a toddler clunking along in mama's high heels

In personal silence
worlds pass 
heads nod 
as the beat goes on

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Granted, Taken, Bestowed

Dinner seasoned in advance
Marinated in juices salt and rubbed with love
Without a bite, food doused to camoflage
Time and effort for granted taken

Extreme energy to reflect and refocus
Vaccuum laundry trap intruders
Dishes bandages hair nails homework
Time and tides honored and gifted

Sweet gentleness beseeches active listeners
Trailblazing freshness in space of exhaustion
Freedom blessings and duty's curse

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day Seven - A Nomad's Life

The nomad's life is filled with newness.
Each new place brings a new reality.
New realities bring fresh perspective.
Fresh perspective engenders an altered consciousness.
In turn, new understandings emerge.
Each new person presents an infinite mystery.
How then, could the nomadic life ever get old?