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Thursday, August 19, 2010

the lesson

she squirms uncomfortably
perched precariously in the palm of his hand
constant pressure on her pulse
now more than she can stand

he consciously incites
hip propulsions
and sparks of revulsion
at the vulnerable position she's in

"uncle" she begs
closing hand over wrist;
"relax and enjoy...
i'm handling this."

still she wants to object, to be perfectly clear
you don't understand...not like that, over here...
words caught in her throat
what escapes is a moan
he laughs low in her ear, won't leave her alone

she tries to refocus
to savor the moment
but the shit don't feel right
and he doesn't know it

Breathing slowly in
And even more slowly out
she gathers her strength
and prepares for a rout

she squeezes her thighs
traps his hand like a vise
she seals his loose lips
with a deep-probing kiss
she traces his nipples with tips of her fingers
all his fight seeps away, only lust lingers

she rolls them both over
humming "4-leaf clover"
eyes locked
gun cocked
he reaches out to assist
"relax and enjoy...
i'm handling this."

she slides slowly down the slick of his skin
glancing up to see the flash of his grin
anticipation her ally, back in control again
pressure builds blindly
his hands start to grope
so she reaches around for a headscarf-turned-rope

now nervous, but practicing great self restraint
he's anxious to see what picture she'll paint
her tongue as the brush
his canvas erect
a modern picasso
vibrant, complex

deliberately, deliciously
she sips, sslurps, surrounds
while he fights himself to keep his voice down
he bites his lip til it bleeds
watching her lips perform tricks
he'd never believed
eyelids grow heavy
he's so close to ready
coyly she retreats
prolonging his release

"uncle" he begs
stretching his legs
since his hands are still tied
she smiles with quiet pride
then buckles in for a wild ride

he plays silver
she's his lone ranger
as they start comin' 'round the mountain
he screams as if in danger

before sleep can encroach
she whispers "i hope you took good notes.
cause once the tremors subside,
it's your turn to drive..."

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