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Saturday, August 21, 2010

message to the judge

excuse me your—
excuse me ma’am, but
honorable ain’t something i know for sure about you yet
so please allow me to call you what you are—

Your Highness,
both knees bruising I approach
like grandma say do only for God
my eyes tell epic sagas
cause words would take too long
too long to explain
too long lived
too long in this position
for simple restitution
when fair should just be fair

but in this place
i am mute
heads talk disconnected from soul
unaware or unconcerned
bloated breath
at every turn

none of this should have been
but here we all are
and Your Majesty
i just hope your ESP
is ON and turned up high
cause what i seen and have to say
is bubbling up inside
if words have power
and i speak the poison
somebody might curl up and die

no offense intended
but this was not my choice
to kneel on spirit-stained carpet
boxed in by false golden lasso walls
ceiling drips echoes of bible verses
despair and desperation
this space
where i am
drowning with no voice
for YOU
to decide whether i deserve
a lifeline

so Your Holiness,
in supplication
i humbly request
that you honor your title
be just

thank you.
and, um, Amen.

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