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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Wisdom of Whitley Gilbert

...all i ever wanted was the gift of time
energies exchanged
lightened moods and words
- your words -
entwined with mine
in a sublime
that went to show how
one can...

one to another
sister to brother
daughter to mother
lover to lover
beyond linear
through stanzas
unspoken inkblood
tells stories independent of
writer and reader
...stories spilled over begging

release... a long-anticipated date
tracked on cement walls
3 wise words
from an unlikely sage
your gift from me
be free
nothing holds you back
be free
new heights await
be free


  1. This is very beautiful. And uplifting : "your gift from me - be free." Beautiful words. I love the "unlikely sage." I sense a kindred spirit here!

  2. Sherry - I'm glad you could relate...kindred indeed...your verbal tapestries never fail to make me stop, close my eyes, and absorb the imagery. Thank you for stopping by.