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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Prompt #2 - Inspiration: "Street Music" 

Inorganic orchestrations
muffled by 8 panes of glass
incessant distractions of 
gear-shifting, radio tuning, texting-while-not-driving and whirring white noise of one's ever churning mind

And yet in infrequent moments of inattention
all falls still 
allowing aural imagery
to penetrate metallic chrysallis

Uninvited, street music 
insinuates itself first in primal basslines
oozing up through rusting floorboards and worn rubber mats
rhythms pounding heels fallen arches and big toes
horns blare in midday reveille
breaking voices of graceless children longingly stretch past their years 
with too-loud curses, like a toddler clunking along in mama's high heels

In personal silence
worlds pass 
heads nod 
as the beat goes on

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